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Where is the correct forum for employees to air grievances about Marco's? Upper Management, as in District Managers and Regional Managers, completely toss all employee concerns aside.

I currently manage a Marco's location, and have been offered absolutley no solutions to these problems. If Hoogland Foods truly desires to succeed with their Marco's locations, I suggest a thorough, in depth look at how things are being dealt with internally. I am currently seeeking other employment, due to the fact that I have been personally discriminated against, and have witnessed such things happening to others.

It appears to me, that due to the fact that there is NO forum for employees to speak about wrongdoings, that neither Hoogland Foods nor Marco's really cares about the ones who make it possible for the billions of annual revenue to flow into their corporate pocket books. I really do hope that my few words have some impact on this problem.

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Hobart, Indiana, United States #960408

DO NOT WORK FOR MARCOS PIZZA!!! This is the truth about upper management. and its even worse if you are not a manager and you are just a crew member.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #948179

Warning about Marcos Pizza (columbia sc)

compensation: O.oo

This is a warning for anyone who is considering working for Marcos Pizza. From first hand experience for someone who has been in the food industry since 1983, this is absolutely one of the worse companies I've ever had the misfortune to be employed with.

First I went through signing over 20 something signatures when hired. Signatures for a bunch of useless paper work. There should have been only 2 or 3 signatures for being hired, the application and tax form. After getting hired I was then told I can't wear bracelets, rings and earrings.

Let me state that I was wearing these things when I applied so why wasn't I told then before going through all the trouble getting hired then being told they're not allowed. I was being discriminated against and it is a form of discrimination when you tell someone they can't look the way that they are or choose to be. I also wear jewelry as a form of symbolic representation of my Christianity. So you are also discriminating against my religious freedoms by telling me I can't wear my jewelry.

There are things called gloves if they were worried about health issues and food. And I have also done research and it has never been proven medically or scientifically that rings or jewelry harbor germs or bacteria. So if a company gives you that excuse it is propaganda that a company uses as another form of control. Anyways I took off what I could and still worked for them.

I also informed them that I do not work on Sundays because I honor the sabbath and do not work on the sabbath. They seemed to have a problem with that and still forced me to come to store meetings that were always held on Sunday mornings from time to time which kept me from attending my Sunday morning service. Not only is Marcos Pizza an unGodly company to work for they treat the employees with the worse disrespect I've ever seen in a company. I had a 5 day shift starting in the mornings at 9am till 4pm.

When I got to work I would start making dough which was a very laborious process and time consuming duty. Along with prepping all the food make line products like meats, veggies, etc. The dough was the most important thing that needed to be taken care of because there were always numerous batches of it that needed to be done. Anyways I was a delivery driver at Marcos who was also doing an extensive amount of kitchen work while being paid only $7.25 an hour.

Note, not a kitchen wage but minimum wage. I was absolutely doing more work than any of the other drivers while being paid the same. And they never rotated opening driver shift. I was told after a couple of months that in January I was going to be getting a raise because never being late and working hard as the opening driver, making dough etc.

However the general manager that hired me and was going to give me that raise was transferred to another location. In the first or second month working for Marcos Pizza I had one time forgotten a Cheesy-bread when there should have been 2 orders delivered to a customer and later that shift I was written up for Repeatly forgetting food, let me stress REPEATLY. OMG it was the first time but I Repeatly left food. The write up was by a shift leader who outright lied, I really didn't get in trouble for this write up but it was still a lie the company allowed to stay on record and in their files.

Okay I'm getting to the conclusion to why Marcos Pizza is a horrible company and why I would not recommend this company for anyone who is considering working for this establishment. The new General manager was or is the old General manager's girlfriend. Who I again had an issue with because she try to instill that everyone is working on Superbowl Sunday after they were informed by me that I do not work on the sabbath before I was hired. Again the management infringed of my religious rights to the point that if they were to schedule me for that Sunday that I was going to quit.

Anyways she eventually told me not to worry about it probably because she might have realized the rights she was denying me and breaking in federal laws. And now the conclusion to why Marcos Pizza is a horrible and unGodly corporation to work for or to support. On January the 30th of 2015 which was a Friday I was trying to finish a batch of dough along with prep work. I started to fill sauce cups which the General manager usually writes on the board to do last.

But before prep work at the bottom of the list was to be done first. She changed that after her boyfriend was transferred to other store to be done last. Most of the other prep work was done but not finished, I had noticed that we were extremely low on sauce cups which is basically pizza sauce for dipping cheesy-bread. So I prepping them because it's time consuming and I figured I'd get it out of the way.

After a few more delivers on my way out the store to another delivery, one of the other drivers was pulling in and I told him that there was dough that needed to be finished up because it's not good and you shouldn't leave dough sitting out uncovered or unrefrigerated. After coming back from my delivery I noticed that the General manager seemed a little angry. Then she states , "haven't I told you I want sauce cups done last". It was still busy in the store and I didn't proceed to do the sauce cups anymore and took another delivery.

Then when I had gotten back to the store there was a write up waiting for me to sign in regards to not following orders and for being insubordinate. Then she stated that I don't need to be telling other workers that dough needs to be done before they're even clocked in. At that moment I had enough of being treated like a preschool child with these immature write ups I'm a 44 year old man with 2 grown kids who was working in the food industry probably before most of these workers at Marcos Pizza. Absolutely no respect for older employees regardless of their position, this a huge problem in most work places.

I stated I think this write up is ridiculous and then she responded well you either sign it or clock out and go home. I then responded you know what, why don't you just fire me then and walked out. Serious control issues that General manager has for sure. Managing and having employees do what needs to be done has a certain fine line of respect, kindness and gratitude involved.

Marcos Pizza lacks all three of these qualities. Before I went to work for Marcos I was employed for over 5 years with another food delivery company and went from having a great work history of 5 years to working only 4 months with a company. If that doesn't say and tell you something about Marcos Pizza, I don't know what will. I observed them having one of the highest and worse employee turn over rates I've ever experienced within a company.

Also Marcos Pizza is too concerned with their labor hours while understaffing shifts and overloading employees on shift with extra work, low pay, disrespectful attitudes and treatment. If you want to be treated unfairly and much like a slave then I recommend Marcos Pizza.

And finally I will state that they have lost a very productive hard working employee who will never ever support, buy or recommend their food to anyone nor see a dime of my money. I'll buy Papa Johns Pizza and Dominos Pizza before I'll ever support that company or their pizza ever again.

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