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At 1745 on Sunday December 6, 2019 I placed an online order to 830 Glenwood Avenue SE. After the order was placed (totalling nearly $40), the food was estimated to be delievered at 1900-1910. I live a mile down the road and usually do carry out for this location; however today happened to be the ONE day I am unable to leave my home as I am providing medical oversight for a loved one.

At 1915, I called the store at 404-624-1100, as my order has not been delivered. The first young lady that answered the phone seemed confused at to what I wanted and why I was bothering her with a call in the first place. I asked to speak with a manager and find out how much longer until my food will be delivered. She placed me on hold. I was never given her name.

At 1921, a different person answers the phone and says "Yeah so it will be another 20-25 minutes until that order is delievered". I am bewildered by this point at the lack indifference on behalf of the business. My household orders pizza weekly, and average $40-65 an order. I choose Marco's because of cleanliness and quality AND up until today- SERVICE/ RESPECT. We patron businesses loyally based on these reasons.

After being notified that my small pizza, medium pizza, and wing would take a total combined time of 40+ minutes JUST to deliver 1 mile down the road, I requested a refund. She asks if I am sure, and I tell her that I have already waited since 1745, and by the time the food will be delivered- I will have waited a combined time of 2 hours and thats IF the driver seemingly discovers my apartment in the community they deliver to daily. She then says she can refund it but it will take 3-4 business days, which means my $40 will not be given back until Friday, January 11, 2019 for food I NEVER stood a chance of receiving.

I am beyond livid, hungry, and pizza-less. I am so incredibly disappointed in not just this location, but the company for having allowed a manager to train this team so poorly. I am a firm believer that attitude reflects leadership and this Glenwood location is obviously leaderless.

What do want? My food! However, that will never happen, so I suppose I can settle for Adequate retraining for this group of personnel (I do not feel comfortable calling them a 'team'). I want for this to NEVER happen again to anyone else. This experience makes me NEVER want to order from this company again and to tell everyone I know, work with, and all the work accounts and functions I oversee to take our business elsewhere.

Maybe my luck will be better with Pizzahut, they have been around longer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Marcos Pizza Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Retraining for the staff and acknowledgement of the poorly managed situation. An apology can go a long way and yet that never happened. The indifference alone has me furious, but my hungry has compounded this feeling!.

I liked: Marcos when they first opened, Ordering process online.

I didn't like: Lousy customer service, Order never arrived.

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No one cares loser....


Wow, similar situations happened to me with the Marcos here in Beachwood, Ohio on Chagrin Blvd that I order from almost every week! SMH!

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