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I have ordered at least 2 (large 50-70 dollar) purchases a month for at least 6 months. I think there pizza is awesome, but the employees are awful at the #8192 branch.

They deliver incorrect orders and blame the customer. I received an incorrect order, but caught it at the door. The driver told me that my next order would include a free soda, or wait an hour to receive one. The decision of hot pizza or cold soda, I chose hot pizza.

Less than 10 days later, I called for my usual order and asked for my soda. The supervisor ( Randy Wheeler) stated the employee didn't say anything about a missing soda. I asked if he could call the employee, it was only a week ago. The supervisor stated Marcos gives tips but they don't keep track of where the tips come from.

I laughed and said there was no way, Marcos has no records of money transactions between employees, that is illegal. Any payments to employee's must be recorded. Then he hung the phone up. I couldn't believe that a supervisor would not be able to figure out a way to find the employee from the order or tip.

I went down to the location to speak with Randy Wheeler, only to find out he just didn't want to investigate the actions of any of the employees. His defense was, why did you believe a delivery driver could make any agreement about an order, only supervisors can do authorize changes and he just got done firing a female driver. I explained, I had no idea that the employee was a bad worker and was lying to me. I assumed Marcos hired people that were honest and good workers.

Then, I asked about him hanging up the phone on me. He stated that he didn't have to deal with customers being rude or laughing about the answers he was giving. I explained that the answer of , why did I trust an Marcos delivery driver employee, was funny because he was an Marcos employee and I was trusting the information supplied by him. I asked to receive a phone number to the person who owned the company.

He stated the only thing the owner was going to do was tell him to issue the soda because an employee told me they would. I just stood there looking at him thinking, why would it take the owner telling you to do the right thing and honor the words of the employees. I am sure the store owner has no idea that the business is being run so poorly, but I have no way of telling him. Please pass it on.

I will not be spending my 100-200 dollars a month at that pizza location. The workers can't be trusted according to the supervisor and if the workers can't be trusted , the Marcos Company can't be trusted because a business is only as good as their workers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marcos Pizza Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Employee did not deliver food ordered or refund the money.

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I have always went to Marcos since it open, the food was always great and the service was wonderful. As of oct 30 2017, my daughter and I went to pick up our pizza and the girl Tiffany had taken our order bit had not put it in.

I went in to get it, the guy gave me a total I gave him

My credit card and also put a tip on it. To find out that my pizza had never been put in. The waiter said he could outback me another one In for about 20 minutes. When it finally came out, he accused us of not Paying.

I pulled out my receipt and said not only

Have I paid you but I left you a tip. I was so mad when I left there, so

I called the owner Mike of Marcos and told him my problem. He said he was sorry abd would I accept 25.00 credit. I said I

Never called to ask for credit or money bit he said I insist I make it right.

Today 11/25/2017 I went to Marco to get an order abd told the person who came to wait on me that I had a 25.00 credit from Mike the owner and he said I did not have a credit that I owed him 27.82 I paid him and told said I will not be back. They take your money then5-10 minutes if your lucky I get lucky order. I have went to Marco as of today my last time. I never complain even though I have gotten bad deals at different places but they are so rude and so Disrespectsble I will not be GOIMG back.

We do have many choices of pizzas around here. But why would the owner give me a 25.00 credit and it not be there when I go back. I feel embarrassed and feel like a bumb to Them. They are so high in prices anyway but if they had our our first order in and oh make it right abd not saying we never paid after be given them a tip.

I Hope this will betaken care of. I’m Due 25.00 no coupons no credit bot cash cause I don’t be GOIMG back


William seems to have stock in this apathetic, pizza place. William can GF.


That complaint is too long and rambling to read.

Don't use an apostrophe to form a plural. (employee's = wrong)

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