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Burnt Pizza and Bread. Tough, burnt taste and dry.

Dough worse than cardboard. Manager was rude and never offered an apology or admitted that they could have possibly burnt anything. Did state "Well, what do you want us to do about it?" Considering his tone I said not a *** thing, I will just sent it to corporate. I have since sent this experience to their corporate buy haven't heard from them as of yet.

Ended up trashing their food and went to another restaurant, which sucked because the whole point of delivery is to save one from having to go out and never mind the loss of money. Horrible!

Product or Service Mentioned: Marcos Pizza Pizza.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Food sucked.

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Greenville, South Carolina, United States #1290201

Will nev e go or order from Marcos. .

Naples, Florida, United States #1286510

Thin crust pizza is generally crispy.

to LadyScot Lugansk, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Ukraine #1286583

Hello again everyone. LadySnot here to preach to you about everything.

Just remember that I know everything about everything. I cannot handle criticism, since I am a narcissist.

I worked in retail for many decades, because an uneducated white trailer trash person like me cannot get more than minimum wage. Thank you all for your support.

to LadySnot Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1290246

I can't stand her. I remember her from other consumer sites over the years and she has always been a miserable, unhappy "mad at the world" person.

She said on another thread she has no tolerance for the BS here yet she keeps coming back everyday, all day.

She's nothing more than a common bully. You can be sure all the snarky things she says on here she would never dare say to anyone in real life!

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1290428

Actually, I would say it to your face, and I do say to people's faces what I would say behind their back. I am not a coward, and I believe in being honest.

Thin crust pizza is crispy.

How you think that is rude is beyond me. As for being miserable, I am far from it.

to LadySnot Naples, Florida, United States #1290429

Funny. At least I do not have to clone someone's ID or pretend to be them to make myself feel good about myself.

I am who I am.

And what I am is brutally honest. You should try it some time.

to LadyScot #1292131

Here's the honesty you asked for: I think you are a marginal person. I think you are a pig.

I think you are human filth. I think you are dimwitted. I think you have a miserable life and it shows in your postings. I think you hate other people because you are so unhappy and posting on here, bullying people, is your outlet at venting your frustrations.

That is what I think!! Got it!

to LadyScot #1321166

Actually I find your view on things rather amusing in a good way. I get a good laugh when I see you respond at most of these self-righteous bastards spewing how they expect perfection and their sensibilites were so offended they didn't know if they could get by on just their regular amount of xanex.

The ignorance and downright stupidity of folks these days is actually alarming.

I'm glad I'm on the back half of life so I don't have to deal with these twats much longer.

Keep posting and trying to educate, LadyScot, unfortunately you have a severe uphill battle in front of you. And don't worry about being truthful, let the snowflakes melt if they must.

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