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I called in an order for delivery. That process was difficult.

Called back after 50 minutes to get the status. They couldn't even confirm my order was taken or had went out for delivery. When he did get here an hour later he had the wrong order and tried to charge me more. I declined the order because the service to this point was bad.

Never should a customer call and you tell them "I guess its on the way." The pizza is good but y'all need to get someone other than high school students in there messing things up and not caring about giving good customer service.

I placed an order for $18 and you get here with a $30 order and want me to pay? Ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marcos Pizza Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I agree with you that there is a problem with poor customer service there. But blaming on a persons age and not the training they received is ridiculous.You want someone other than high school kids working there, but the majority of people say that the minimum wage pay is because it wasn't meant for an adult to make a career out of it.It's not always the people working at these places, its the training and the lack of respect for them as adults.

I treat the people at our Marco's location as adults and include niceties as "Please" and "Thank You" and haven't had much of a problem. Yes, they did give me ranch instead of garlic on a busy Friday night, but I get they get flooded and big whoop, if it were that much of a problem I would make it myself.

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