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I’ve ordered from Marcos here in Slidell several times and last month I ordered the Itilian sub with the marinara sauce I couldn’t even eat it it was so soggy! So I gave them another try but this time I went inside and talked to the manager and he said over and over that’s how they come really !

So last night I ordered and it was just nasty. Ordered the same sub but minus onions ,tomatoes, add black olives, green olives I had to take all the stuff from one half of my sandwich to the other half to make a sandwich worth eating !

I will never go back their getting sloppy and bad customer service . I think I need a refund on both sandwich’s

Thank you never order there and I will tell everyone about the one on east Gause Blvd in Slidell Louisiana

Review about: Marcos Pizza Italiano Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I never called anyone names. That too is someone pretending to be the OP


That sub looks disgusting.

to Anonymous #1505799

It does not. You just want to get out of paying for it.

to DramaticMaskedPalmCivet #1505819

I paid for it !!!

to Anonymous #1505820

But you want your money back after admitting to eating it.

to DramaticMaskedPalmCivet #1505821

I didn’t get a refund ! All I said was I should of gotten one

to Anonymous #1505823

You should not get a refund.

to DramaticMaskedPalmCivet #1505822

I paid for it but because I ate half of it they won't give me a refund. So I just ate the rest and am requesting a refund.

I was going to throw it out but did not. I was hungry and did not care that it was burnt and soggy.

to Anonymous #1505826

You are right. I wish i never ate it.

But I was hungry. I should have asked for a refund right then and gone somewhere else. I ate half of it and asked for a refund. They said no.

Then I ate the rest because I was hungry. You are right, the sub does look disgusting. Just because I ate it does not mean that I enjoyed it.

I never got a refund. I probably will never get one.


Actually that meatball sub looks good! Let’s see BREAD and SAUCE= a sloppy sammich. Seems like common sense.

to Durpa #1505604

It was soggy

to Anonymous #1505798

Yet you ate the soggy bread. Forgot that you admitted to eating it, and then call people dumb for calling you out on your lie.

Just want a free meal. Shame on you for lying. You are the dumb one. Everyone already read the comments where you slipped up.

You really are immature and no one believes you. Also calling people dumb, makes you how old. Then again you are probably going to deny calling people dumb. Mommy needs to give you a good slap for lying.

Mommy needs to teach you the difference between trolling and telling you that you are wrong.

Then she should take away your internet. Maybe you should be living with your parents since you cannot afford to feed yourself.

to DramaticMaskedPalmCivet #1505808

It was burnt. I could not eat it since it was burnt.

I only ate half of it and threw the rest out. I still want a refund. Also I never called anyone any names.

Those comments with the filtered out words were posted by a troll. I will now sign into my account from now on.

to Durpa #1505801

There is nothing wrong with the sub. The OP admitted she ate it.

Then she forgot about admitting to eating it.

Claiming someone else admitted to eating it. She just cannot afford to pay for it.

to Durpa #1505811

That is because that is not the sandwich that I ate. It is a picture of what it should look like. The one that I threw out was soggy and burnt.


Why should you get a refund. You had no issue eating the food, so you should have no issue paying for it. If you cannot afford to eat out then dine at home or something, or visit a soup kitchen.

to RipeCat #1504886

Excuse me !! I never ate the first sandwich!

I threw it away and the second sandwich was a shitty made one. I can afford to eat out never did I say it was expensive! What I said was they were shitty made. And maybe I should of called the second time and asked for a refund.

But I didn’t you don’t know me and this is were you complain about a business. So maybe you might want to go eat at a soup kitchen

to Anonymous #1505077

It does not matter if you did not return it you should not get a refund. This person is right.

Why should they give you a refund. He or she is not the one demanding a refund meaning a free meal.

So it it appears that you are the one that needed a free meal. That you are the one that needed to visit a soup kitchen.

to AshamedRooster725 #1505083

But i already ate the food so they won't give me a refund. I late it but it was not good so that is why I should get a refund.

to AshamedRooster725 #1505611

I was saying that if I was a *** I would of asked for a refund !!!!!!!

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